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Chuck Gregory Discussion started by Chuck Gregory, on Monday, December 20 2021 08:27
I have some ideas for site navigation so I thought I'd create a discussion about it.

I suggest:

  1. Add sign in / sign up link to the header
    • We could add it under the search bar
    • We could add it in the middle area
    • We could add a secondary nav bar at the very top. Possibly we could use the JomSocial bar for that
  2. Pagination is awful. Needs to be horizontal, etc.
  3. Contact Us should always be at far right.
  4. I'd put Site Map in a footer nav bar, along with Site Work List, privacy policy, and other legal stuff. We could add a 'work for us' there as well.
  5. Student Debt Slavery should be removed, it's just a link to home page
I look forward to everyone's thoughts on this.

Chuck Gregory
Chuck Gregory Additional notes: Site Map doesn't work, Site Work List is out of date and may be superseded by this WNT_Operations group discussion. Possibly... Show more Monday, December 20 2021 08:34
Francis M Goodwin
Francis M Goodwin Hi, Chuck. I disabled the JomSocial System Redirection plugin. Now I land on my profile page when I log in, which is ideal I think you agree. Tuesday, January 04 2022 12:29